Core Curriculum

The Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi core curriculum consists of the First-Year Learning Communities Program and the 42-Hour Core Curriculum of study, which is required of all undergraduates and provides a foundation for all majors. Each course in the Core Curriculum has been reviewed and approved on the basis of its potential to contribute to the achievement of the following SIX core objectives:

  • Critical Thinking Skills - to include creative thinking, innovation, inquiry, and analysis, evaluation and synthesis of information
  • Communication Skills - to include effective development, interpretation and expression of ideas through written, oral and visual communication
  • Empirical and Quantitative Skills - to include the manipulation and analysis of numerical data or observable facts resulting in informed conclusions
  • Teamwork - to include the ability to consider different points of view and to work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal
  • Personal Responsibility - to include the ability to connect choices, actions and consequences to ethical decision-making
  • Social Responsibility - to include intercultural competence, knowledge of civic responsibility, and the ability to engage effectively in regional, national, and global communities

Achieving the goals listed above prepares students for academic work in the majors, enables them to develop their own goals, values, and perspectives, and helps them become reflective, productive citizens.

Visit the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for additional information about state guidelines for the core curriculum.

University Core Curriculum Program in the Undergraduate Catalog

Students are encouraged to consult their degree plans for specific Core course requirements for their majors. Core curriculum courses are organized according to the Foundational Component Areas are listed below. Please see the Undergraduate Catalog for more detail.

Communication (6 semester hours)
COMM 1311 Foundation of Communication
ENGL 1302 - Writing and Rhetoric

Mathematics (3 semester hours) - Select one from:
MATH 1314 - College Algebra
MATH 1324 - Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences
MATH 1325 - Calculus For Business & Social Sciences
MATH 1442 - Statistics for Life
MATH 2413 - Calculus I
PHIL 2303 - Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking

Life and Physical Sciences (6 semester hours) - Select two courses from:
BIOL 1308 - Science for Life I (Non-Majors Biology)
BIOL 1406 - Biology I
BIOL 1407 - Biology II
BIOL 2401 - Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 2402 - Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 2420 - Principles of Microbiology
CHEM 1305 - Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 1411 - General Chemistry I
CHEM 1412 - General Chemistry II
ESCI 1401 - Environmental Science I: Intro to Environmental Science
GISC 1301 - Physical Geography and Mapping
GEOL 1303 - Essentials of Geology
GEOL 1403 - Physical Geology
GEOL 1404 - Historical Geology
PHYS 1303 - Introduction to Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies
PHYS 1304 - Introduction to Astronomy: Solar System
PHYS 1401 - General Physics I
PHYS 1402 - General Physics II
PHYS 2425 - University Physics I
PHYS 2426 - University Physics II

Language, Philosophy and Culture (3 semester hours) - Select one from:
ENGL 2316 Literature and Culture
ENGL 2332 - Literature of the Western World: From the Classics to the Renaissance
ENGL 2333 - Literature of the Western World: From the Enlightenment to the Present
PHIL 1301 - Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2306 - Foundations of Professional Ethics
SPAN 3307 - Spanish Literature I
SPAN 3308 - Spanish Literature II
SPAN 3309 - Spanish American Literature I
SPAN 3310 - Spanish American Literature II

Creative Arts (3 semester hours) - Select one from:
ARTS 1301 - Art and Society
ARTS 1303 - Art History Survey I
COMM 1305 - Film and Culture
MUSI 1306 - Understanding and Enjoying Music
MUSI 1307 - Elements of Musical Style
THEA 1310 - The Art of the Theatre

American History (6 semester hours)
HIST 1301 - U.S. History to 1865
HIST 1302 - U.S. History Since 1865

Government/Political Science (6 semester hours)
POLS 2305 - U.S. Government and Politics
POLS 2306 - State and Local Government

Social and Behavioral Sciences (3 semester hours) Select one from:
ECON 2301 Macroeconomics Principles
ECON 2302 Microeconomics Principles
PSYC 2301 - General Psychology
SOCI 1301 - Human Societies

Component Area Option (6 semester hours)
See Catalog for details.