Welcome to the Honors Program


Thank you for considering the Honors Program. Honors cultivates a strong community of motivated learners, where you will not only be able to use your creativity, intellect, and perseverance to become the leaders on our campus, you will have the chance to develop lifelong friendships with like-minded individuals. We pride ourselves on being an experience-based program that helps students develop the skills necessary to reach their greatest intellectual potential and succeed in the workforce or graduate education, by focusing on three key areas of personal development: undergraduate research/creative activity, study abroad, and service learning. We have Geek Week instead of Greek Week. We send our students to foreign lands. We support their research and creative endeavors. We award them academic scholarships. Our students get all of the benefits of a small, selective liberal arts college and an Emerging Research University at a reasonable price-what else could you want out of your university experience?


If you are interested in becoming part of our special community, we encourage you to apply or reach out to us for more information.


Our Best,

Dr. Ozymy and Mrs. Shope

 Caretakers of the Honors Program




Students admitted to our selective community of scholars will receive the following direct benefits:



-Scholarship funding for newly enrolled students beginning fall 2018

-Continued scholarship funding for sophomores, juniors, and seniors

-Fund travel to professional events, conferences, and competitions through our Research and Creative Activities Fund    

-We support community service and service learning

-Laptops, desktops, copier, printer, and other free resources available in the Honors Lounge


Undergraduate Research/Creative Experience

                                                       -Study with outstanding faculty                                                        

                                       -Work on your own original research projects (Project of Excellence)                                          


Study Abroad Experience

-Meaningful academic, cultural, and research experiences abroad

-Support for Honors only trips and other experiences across campus


Service Learning Experience

-Community outreach opportunities

-Skills-relevant curriculum emphasizing course credit for internships and experiential learning



-Be part of a network of engaged students with the Honors Student Association

-Peer mentoring program for new students

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