About the Honors Program

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The Honors Program was established in 2005 after much planning and preparation.  The efforts to create the program were led by English faculty member Dr. Janis Haswell.  Wanting an environment where curious and inquisitive students could expand their horizons, Dr. Haswell worked diligently with Provost Sandra Harper, as well as a dedicated committee, to create the Honors Program. 


The Honors Program is located in Corpus Christi Hall 262, between the student computer labs and the president's office.  We have a large study room/classroom/meeting room that is available to students during the week and weekends.  The room also contains a fridge, a keurig, laptop & desktop computers, a printer, and copier.    

         Honors Lounge


The Honors Program is comprised of three different entities: the program itself, the Honors Student Association, and the Honors Council.

The Program is the administrative body - it provides the resources and services available to our students. 

The Honors Student Association, or HSA, is the official student organization for Honors.  All Honors students are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in activities.  HSA elects about 20 officers each year and they play an important role in providing opportunities and activities for their fellow students.  HSA meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters.

Honors Council is an advisory body for the Program.  It is comprised of representatives from each academic college, First Year Learning Communities Programs, Divison of Student Engagement and Success, Bell Library, Institutional Advancement, Enrollment Management, as well as 3 student representatives.  Council provides input on all changes to the Honors curriculum, approves Project of Excellence and course contract proposals, decides on scholarship recipients and amounts, participates in the selection of new members, and so much more!  The council meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters.


We are a proud member of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

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